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The white jaguar sacred manuscripts


CHAPTER I. “The mysterious letter”.
I was astonished to receive a letter from Yucatan by express mail service. Was strange, although I have friends in the peninsula, did not expect anyone of them to write.
Came in on letterhead, as are rarely seen nowadays and was written by hand with palmer calligraphy. The sepia ink stood out on the thin cotton paper. I read my name with surprise: Mr. Fernando de Ita. The sender was Anatolio Rivadeneira Rondón. I opened the letter very carefully, as if it was a museum piece, something in my heart, like a stab, warned me that this letter would bring a dramatic and definitive twist to my life.
From childhood I liked reading, later I started to write, I felt it as a passion in my being. I remember much Teresa Zaga, friend of my parents, as a child admired her because she was an older and very cultured Lady, in her house, which stood near the Viveros de Coyoacán, had a library, which I remember as a magical space, full of books, images, photographs and maps that ever since took me to faraway places in time.


She allowed me to snoop around in all that was in that place; it was there where I was seduced by books.

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