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DAANY BEÉDXE The warrior spirit


The day had been very long, the Sun was slowly declining. The sky was lit among mountains of red and orange clouds piling up in the horizon, accompanying the incandescent star “Lord of fire darts” on his journey to the underworld, the place of the emaciated. The Etla Valley, all covered with loving milpas, was preparing to receive the mysteries of the night.

The house of "Garra de Jaguar” (Jaguar claw) was full of friends and relatives, especially laborious women, who were preparing everything for the big event. “Flor Menudita” (Thin Flower), his wife, was about to give birth to the fruit of their love, that for nine months carried in her womb.

The midwife had arrived five days ago, it was the custom that she prepared food and directed younger women, who were learning and served with emotion. The friends of Jaguar claw for their part, in addition to bringing food for the consumption of guests and aides, had encouragement words for the future father.

Jaguar claw now understood why his heart was trapped by the energy of Thin flower. As his son birth neared, all emotions came together to his chest. He was fulfilling his destiny.

The night completely covered the fertile valley. The light of torches and bonfires lit the town houses, which were preparing to rest. Suddenly, the sky illuminated by a huge full moon was obscured by an invasion of black and heavy clouds, which presaged a storm.


The midwife, wise and nature knowing woman, realized that this night would fall a huge storm and the child would be born. The peace of town was broken by a lightning bolt, which first lit up the Valley and the


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