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Toltecs and Toltecáyotl


Toltecs and Toltecáyotl


Much has been written about the "Toltecs" and really little is known about them. It has been (wrongly) stated that they were a "people or culture" and generally get confused with histories of the Anahuac decadent postclassical period (850-1521 CE.)


The Toltec were an ancient wisdom knowledge lineage of Cem Anahuac. In other words, Toltec is a "knowledge degree" of Toltecáyotl. All ancient civilizations with autonomous origin had a "knowledge structure" that allowed them to develop the "cultural scaffolding" with which to transform the world and give meaning, both for material and immaterial. The Toltecáyotl is systematized sum of the anahuaca civilization knowledge to achieve a "balance", both for the exterior material plane, as well as the immaterial internal.


Toltecáyotl would then be the "art of living in balance" and this is why "Toltec" is, symbolically, "the artist" among artists. The one who makes real faces and true hearts sprout, who illuminates like a smokeless torch, "the master" amongst masters.



So there were a handful of Toltec in Cem Anahuac from all peoples and cultures. These knowledgeable men and women studied and practiced the Toltecáyotl wisdom during the classical period, in what we know today as "archaeological zones" and that never were palaces, fortresses, cities, or "ceremonial centers". But, research centers and study of energy parameters, that today western science begins to perceive.