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The three knowledge circles of ancient México


The three knowledge circles of ancient Mexico


There are three knowledge circles in ancient civilizations of the world. Three levels where wisdom is expressed and transmitted. In the first circle is the "word".


"The word masters, the tlatolmatinime, as they were called in their language, were priests, poets and sages, speeches authors, dedicated to dominating the difficult art of expressing thought with the appropriate tint and the metaphor that opens the way to comprehension. They were, as an ancient text reads "lip and mouth artists, owners of the noble language and careful expression". Many of them were also teachers in prehispanic education centers, where, along with the best of prehispanic cultural traditions, also taught also tecpillatolli, or noble and careful language. "These same word masters created what was then called icniúhyotl, fraternities of poets and sages..."  (Miguel León Portilla. 1980)



In fact, from the very origins of human wisdom, it is has been guarded–transmitted in the language of the peoples. As example we would say that the Bible, the oldest printed book in the world, was guarded-transmitted throughout centuries by the Hebrew people.


"The Mesoamerican people had developed a speech which was manifested in various circumstances, in songs, speeches and divine or human important events remembrance." Such speech can be described as a form of oral tradition systematically learned in schools and temples.


For transmission, priests and sages used their books or codices. The Mayans read their books in the strict sense the logo syllabic sequences. "The Nahua and amoxohtoca Mixtecs, "continued" the paintings and glyphs sequences also included in their codices ". (Miguel León Portilla. 1968)