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Identity reflections. The “be” and the must be



The millions of people living in what today is known as "Mexico", in general, have a very vague and poor or often non-existent notion of its origins and evolution as people, cultures and civilization.


This phenomenon is extremely serious and damaging in forming what is the Cultural Identity, National Identity and the conscience of a Nation. It is the main element that allows injustice, alienation and exploitation. This lack of awareness has been purposely produced as part of the colonization, first by spaniards (1521-1821) and subsequently by creoles (1821-2011).


Keeping a person, a family or people ignorant of themselves, is keeping them in absolute helplessness, insecurity and constant fear, is self-cancellation and disdain of what they are, against what they have been imposed to be. Not knowing who they are, their origins, history, heritage, name, values and principles, condemns them in perpetuity to live in an amnesiac state, being "ignorant foreigners in their own land", permanently exalting the foreign and rabidly disdaining their own. Connoisseurs of Europe and ignorant of the Anahuac.


An ignorant that self-despises and disdains. Insecure and violent, loudmouth and full of complexes, irritable and nervous, weak and ruthless, the Mexican "ideologically creole" is an incomplete human being. For the last five centuries lacks "the other part". The denied, unknown, despised. He lives as a bastard in the culture of his "father" (West), as a "son of the bitch" despising the mother culture (Anahuac).



Are all Mexicans like this?, of course not. There are many different "Méxicos" and many stereotypes of "Mexicans". But generalizing to get closer to this mystery we shall say that there is a "deep Mexico" of anahuaca lineage (discussed by Bonfil Batalla), who has no doubts of their identity. And an "imaginary Mexico" of European lineage, which also has no doubts about their identity. But there is a "third Mexico", which is in between "blue and good night", those of "Yes, but no". I am referring to the vast mass of de-cultured mestizos. Those which are not urban or rural. Those who have not come to appropriate an alien culture and have lost their own. Mexicans clumsily walking, stumbling and falling in "the labyrinth of desolation".