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Humanity, for thousands of years, lived without politicians, political parties and banks. It all began in Venice and the Vatican, which, upon the fall of the Roman Empire, the mighty of Rome created their new center of economic power and began taking over the world through banks and money. The political class from all over the free world, are the creation of bankers to control peoples without exposing their skin, politicians are their employees. The approximately 200,000 people who economically control the world through transnational banks and companies use the democracy they created in 1776 in the U.S., for the control and exploitation of peoples.

Indeed, their method is to divide and confront peoples, so that they are constantly fighting among themselves for power, thus turning peoples into easy prey to catch and dominate. The objective goal of political parties is precisely to "part", fragment and confront peoples.

Financial democracy has manipulated "universal history", and makes people believe that the ancient civilizations, which have created humanity's best and greatest achievements, were despots, ruthless and dehumanized, that is false, because if they had been, they would not have been able to create over millennia the wonders that today their tangible and intangible heritage leaves us over thousands of years.

On the contrary, it is the Market government, that of banks and big business, the fiercest and most dehumanized dictatorship that has ever existed in human history. Never have the peoples and the planet come to the collapse that we are now living. Never before have so many millions of human beings lived in misery and existential desolation, as now, in the modern world. Never before, the same planet has been subjected to predation and pollution.

Mexico is an excellent example of this misfortune, but it happens throughout the free world with greater or lesser intensity. It all depends on the degree of awareness, education and participation of the peoples.

Governments are the enemies of the peoples, because they work to serve the interests of the money owners.

In a market democracy, politics is done with money, money is owned by the rich and, he who pays commands, nothing more. Politicians need a lot of money to win an election, whether for buying votes or paying for publicity or both together. The politician comes to power with many commitments and he has to fulfill. He promises a thousand things to the people who voted for him, but only fulfills the ones to he who gave him the money to win the election.

So the politician, by forced necessity, and because that is how the democratic market system is designed, is a liar and a simulator. Systematically he lies to the people and only pretends that he does what he has promised to do. For politicians around the world, first are the interests of their "sponsors," and much later, the common good. The politician?s actions, are not embedded in the dilemma of the ethical and the moral or the right thing, are subject to the structure of a political-economic system, where they do not have many options. "Realpolitik" is money.

He and his collaborators make a small organization dedicated to serving their masters. They act as a criminal organization, to steal as much as they can and pretend to work for the people. This is widespread in the democracy of the free world, with its multiple shades. The Odebrecht case is sadly an example of how democracy, politics and corruption operate. But it is not the only, nor the largest, on the planet, the 150 transnational companies that control the nearly 800 multinationals in the world, have corrupt operations with governments, in some cases, much larger than Odebrecht who is Brazilian from the third world. But we can mention Monsanto, Nestlé or Sony, that are real large companies and operate in almost 200 countries on the planet.

The money owners use several political parties at the same time and all politicians in their deception. A poor politician is a weak politician, the politician has to steal for his personal wealth and for his "political" organization. Economic power creates them, kicks them out, and pulls them out of play when it favors their interests; They are simple Judas who burn when it behooves the system, the things is that peoples are happy and from time to time, go to the public square to burn one or another judas, to believe that justice exists, democracy and that the system works. That's how democracy works in the free world. Nothing more.

However, in Mexico, in these last six years, from Salinas to Peña, excess defunded the very system. Corruption between politicians, officials, businessmen, drug traffickers and organized crime kingpins were merged into one and blew up the system.

Corruption reached unsuspected levels, breaking any legal, ethical and moral limits. All these people without any limits, not only handed the country over to foreign banks and companies, but perfectly complied with the order to destroy the state and its institutions in order to subject it impotently to the Market.

The great damage to the people and the nation went beyond theft. Beyond intentionally destroying institutions such as the Judiciary or the Legislative Power, but in complete complicity, they attacked the people, gave it helpless to the voracity of companies, exploited it, stole from them and, above all, made them sick by selling unlimitedly and without any restrictions food, sweets and sweet soft drinks, to the point that Mexico is a SICK country, and ranks first in the world in childhood obesity.

But not only that, they also destroyed the health system and illegally profited from drugs, from overpriced purchases, buying fake drugs, to the point of giving distilled water to children with cancer, and high-cost medicine. Peña delivered 300 with spent budget hospitals and in practice half-built. The people, because they lacked conscience, good academic instruction and being purposely alienated by the mass media, remained helpless and vulnerable.

That's how they want us, that's how they need us.

As an example, on the day these organized criminals from all political parties in the so-called Pact for Mexico, handed over oil to foreign companies, the people celebrated around the Angel of Independence, because Mexico had defeated Germany in football.

At this level of national tragedy. When the unthinkable excesses of the corruption of political life in Mexico have been evidenced with judicial evidence, it is necessary to restore the action of serving the people coordinating their efforts to positively resolve the great challenges that we are experiencing and those that are yet to come.

As we have seen, it will not be through the democracy of international banks and transnational companies, that democratic life can be restored in the best and most original sense, that is, the government of the people for the people. Nor will it be "making another revolution to keep everything the same," as happened in 1910. Madero brought us democracy funded and designed in the U.S.

We can turn our view to the best of ourselves. Recognize us as one of the oldest civilizations with autonomous origin and the one that achieved the highest quality of life for its peoples. Because we were the ones who created the oldest and most functioning participatory democracy today. Indeed, the so-called "uses and customs", which remain in force in hundreds of indigenous and peasant communities of the country, and that this wise way of governing has more than 3500 years of experience and proven effectiveness.

To eradicate corruption of people entering political life, a measure is required to prevent unexplained enrichment. It is necessary to find, because there are many people in this country who are honest, intelligent, prepared and capable, who really want to serve the NATION and the PEOPLE, that all those who seek to "serve the people" through elected positions, do so without remuneration, and that their logical impoverishment throughout their performance is verified.

Not only is it possible, but it is the only possible solution without causing a social outburst. It is not utopia, because, for centuries, indigenous peoples and peasants thus ruled themselves. The people said at the ballot box ENOUGH ALREADY, but politicians, ALL and from all colors, starting with those of Morena, still do not understand. They continue their struggles between them and against "the others." They're still in their group and party chicanery. They continue to try to profit from the treasury, their position and their relationships, for them personally, for their political gang and for their political party. They are willing to deliver again and again what is left of the nation, if in it they have a personal or political gain. The homeland, the people, the state, have no meaning for these kinds of people who have become corrupted and depraved to such an extent that they have lost human dignity. In their madness they have no measure and do not stop, they stop at nothing. They are a social cancer that must be removed from the political life of the nation.

The country has people who are truly willing to serve the people without expecting a reward in return. People who are fed up with politicians, political parties and corrupted political life. People who are not corrupt and who love this nation and desire the good for all the people. These people do exist, but the political system won't let them move forward.

The solution is to have laws, so that people who aspire to an elected public office, during their performance do not receive a single peso, and with their own resources, support themselves and their family, publicly verifying the impossibility of increasing their material and economic wealth. With a simple reform, the country would change completely. The hard part is not doing it, but imagining it.

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