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The Mexican State since 1824, in a consciously, strategic and concerted manner, has used all resources available at its disposal, so that the majority of citizens live disconnected from their historical memory and their ancestral identity. That the people, whether "indigenous" or mestizos, do not find in their everyday lives, whether family, school, community, and work, ties that link them with the mother civilization of which they are an integral part.

With its three branches and three levels of Government, the action to deny any means to retrieve historical consciousness and ancestral identity has been permanent. The State, directly or indirectly, explicitly and implicitly has coordinated this action, which has received cooperation of economic power groups, churches and the media.

The so-called "Mexican" is a people heir to one of the six oldest civilizations and with independent origin of the planet, and one which reached the highest levels in terms of human development. The civilization originating in Mexico, is as old as those of India and China. Unlike the peoples of these civilizations, the people of Mexico live alien, ignorant and disconnected from its most remote cultural origins in a conscious way.

Indeed, not only in the "indigenous or native peoples", but also in the majority mestizo people, there is an undeniable link to the mother civilization, but this link, is unconscious. It is manifested in family and community life, through traditions, festivals, uses and customs, and "community knowledge". But not fully nor conscientiously. Not rationally and in the "everyday life" consciousness. It is different in the peoples of India and China, they have this linkage of their ancestral past to their everyday reality, and contributes decisively to the aspiration of a continuous future consistent with their past.

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