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Tlacaelel, the longest serving Cihuacoátl, worked for several Tenochtitlan Tlatoanis[7] at the time of its greatest splendor, he was the ideologist and leader of the aztec empire, when he transgreded the laws and regulations of the ancient teaching of Quetzalcoatl, removed the spiritual meaning of life and gave a material sense to existence, both to individuals and society and the State. The mexicas used the ancient cultural structures that were kept as a remote Toltec legacy, but changed its sense and background. It is assumed that during Moctezuma Ilhuicamina and Tlacaelel youth, they attended the Cholula Calmécac, as the last Toltec wisdom representation in the Anahuac of those days. This Calmécac prepared the most able young people with lineage from all villages in the Highlands, transmitting the ancient Toltec knowledge, to form them as leaders. These two personages will be very important in the formation of the so-called Aztec Empire.

Moctezuma Ilhuicamina was the tlatoani that consolidated the defeat of the Azcapotzalco tyrant named Maxtla and started, together with Netzahualcoyotl of Texcoco the triple alliance military expansion. Tlacaelel, was the ideologist of the philosophical, religious, economic and political reform that promoted the Aztecs in a few years, not only as owners of Cem Anahuac; but contravening the ancient prophecy and myths, the Aztecs self-proclaimed themselves as holders of the Fifth Sun, proposing in their reforms preventing the end of the cosmogony era in which they lived and in which they were expanding.
"After the Aztec victory over the Azcapotzalco tecpanecas, the conceited mexicas also subdued the lordship of Xochimilco, Cuitláhuac and Chalco, in the southern region of the Valley of Mexico. Particularly the conquest of Cuitláhuac is extremely significant. Planned by Tlacaelel, after having defeated Xochimilco, it turns into a sort of symbol of what will be the work of the great aztec adviser.