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The cornerstone in colonization implementation is the mental aspect.
A person, a family, or a people who is mentally dominated, is defenseless and vulnerable to all kinds of manipulation, exclusion and exploitation. The Viceroyalty of new Spain developed its domination over conquered peoples by the eradication of ancestral tongues making people mute and silent; the elimination of the historical memory leaving them amnesic; the destruction of their knowledge leaving them stupid, incapable and powerless; taking away their spaces, not only the best lands but sacred, community and historical spaces; and finally, forbidding their ancestral spirituality leaving them fanatical and idolatrous of an alien religion from which they were excluded.
With the invasion and sacking of Ixachilan (American continent), Europe capitalized itself and initiated modernity, capitalism, eurocentrism and the material and cultural domain of much of the planet. This was accomplished, -among other things-, by the destruction of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the world and at the same time, the implementation of the "single thought", e.g. Eurocentrism as "universal, one that defines for all", e.g. the European thought "is natural and inherently superior" which is valid in any part of the planet, regardless of historical, social and cultural processes lived in specific places, no matter how far apart they are. Eurocentrism imposes the dogma that knowledge born in Europe is the first, e.g., exact sciences, natural and social have their origin in Europe, which is totally false. Thus, in the five centuries of "Eurocentric modernity", in the colonized countries, economic elites, political and intellectual use categories and think and conceive the world and life as Europeans.

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