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Toltecáyotl beyond occidental reasoning


Since 1519, we have been "discovered, studied and explained by others". We learned their language and forgot ours, learned their history and ended up amnesic, learned their knowledge and forgot ours, learned their religion and became fanatical of something we have not fully come to understand and of which we are excluded, physically and spiritually. We learned to create knowledge with their methods and forgot ours. We live in a world that is alien to us.


In short, we made ours, their vision and description of the world and of life. We ended up empty, without root and sustenance. We became an echo that is lost in time, in shadows that run scared in a huge desolate plain of darkness. We lost the ancestral "own face and true heart".

We were prisoners for three hundred years in the dungeon of Spanish colonization and for the past two hundred in the dungeon of creole neo-colonialism. Trapped, handcuffed and gagged in "the solitude labyrinth". Incapable, impotent, permanently vanquished, underdeveloped, peripheral, subordinates.

In the profound decolonized knowledge of the past is the Matria's [1]future. A fair Matria, generous and responsible for her children. We need to recover our ancestral manners, open our own horizons, create a future "own-ours". Stop being shoddy and tardy copies. We need to again be "original", without losing what we've gained from the "other".


We need to stop perceiving the world and understand life from the jailer's view. The real change, is not to create a new episteme, because we would be making more of the same to get out of modernity, the path is not trans-modernity, and much less postmodernity. Because in all three cases: modernity, trans-modernity and postmodernity, a vision of the world is built and meaning is given through ideas. The ideas can be own or foreign. Our ideas are those inherited by the same endogenous human experience, i.e., wisdom that lies in the traditions and customs of the peoples. And that have been created as a result of the actions and feelings to maintain life, but that because of colonization were left in a confused and syncretic folklore.

[1] Matria is a neologism used by writers such as Virginia Woolf, Isabel Allende and Christa Wolf to represent rebuilding the term homeland, logic already mentioned Plutarco in ancient Greece, and which in the XVII century was referred to in the Spanish language as a derivation of earth itself. To Miguel de Unamuno, such term evoke the feminization of the attributes associated with nationality, same logic raised by Jorge Luis Borges while metaphorically referring to the «mother-nature». In classical antiquity, it was used to refer to the own land of birth and of feeling.

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