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IDENTITY REFLECTIONS The “be” and the must be



The reflection over the "identity of the Mexican and what is Mexican" is not a superfluous, or idle task, on the contrary, it is a challenge that has been avoided as much as possible. The neocolonial ideology has discouraged this inevitable consciousness awakening process not only "of the people", but of the most brilliant minds. Nationalism and creole chauvinism "burn in green wood fires" those who try. This was understood, in their time, by Samuel Ramos and Octavio Paz in their timid attempts to define "the profile of man and culture" to find the exit of the "solitude labyrinth ".

Despite hiding the problem of who we are, in an alleged miscegenation that makes us all equal before law and society, we know from historical experience that our society is rabidly classist and hypocritically racist. That we continue to live under a Colonial system disguised as a "banana democracy", in which there is still a strict caste system led by an elite of creoles and immigrated foreigners, a handful of "advanced conquerors", encomiendas, and regional and national encomienda handlers, and a huge mass of "macehuales": composed of ladino people, "de-indianized indians” and mestizo anahuacas.


The following articles are a selection of papers presented on Internet through the "" blog and which has aroused the interest of all kinds of people in the net, national and foreign in the so-called "global village", given that many of the problems that overwhelm societies, starting with "identities", are common to all by virtue of the fact that evils are also global.


The Cultural identity problem, in this book, is addressed on the cultural dimension of the Cem Anahuac civilization and the Toltecáyotl.