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The wisdom of the Old Grandfathers of Ancient Mexico

Are Mexicans uncultured foreigners in their own land?

Does the Future of Mexico lie in its past?

Is everything ancient necessarily primitive?

Do Mexicans know the name our ancestors called themselves?

What did the ancestors call our country and continent?

Are we Mexicans a people viewed to be more indigenous than Spanish?

What does it mean to be indigenous?


The object of this web is to create a bridge between reflection and communication for individuals with the potential to revive the wisdom of the Old Grandfathers. An ancient legacy that has disappeared from our society and is dormant in our subconscious, a wisdom and legacy that still is true today and embrace the many ethnic peoples that form the Mexican nation.


We Mexicans have lived for more than five hundred years in the intricate labyrinth of desolation. By choice we have ignored and snubbed our Mother Culture in trying to be more Spanish from colonial times, more French from the XIX Century and more like Gringos in the last hundred years. We continually deny our roots, belittle our own ancestry and ancient legacy while on the other hand, we exult foreign culture and extol the white race. Ironically, we are ignored and rejected by the same people who colonized us and other foreign powers.


The future of all Mexicans lies in the capacity and will of each individual to cleanse our minds and our hearts of past colonial imperialism. We must all reclaim our past, our ancestry, our legacy, and revive our languages; for only then we can rewrite history in our own words instead of the foreign accounts interpreted in the words of our conquerors. We must reclaim our own physical space, our ancient spirituality and our own ancient knowledge to reclaim our dignity and rightfully demand justice.


How can we continue to ignore and reject the harmony our ancestors once knew and lived? They achieved a harmonious balance between men and nature. Our Old Grandfathers knew and practice these laws in remote times, in Teotihuacan, when one day, they learned to become gods. This is our ancestry.


We must know to live with these ancient decrees and be worthy of this magnificent legacy.