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Another important point to consider is the attitude of some missionaries and religious that tried to find in Quetzalcoatl and the first Anahuac settlers, Saint Thomas[5] and the descendants of the people of Israel. This has been, and is very common by foreign researchers, apparently few have come to find the truth to the Anahuac civilization, because the majority of these "scholars" tried to match our civilization to their preconceived ideas of what we were and are. If in the 16th century some said that Quetzalcoatl was St. Thomas, in the 20th century they said he was extra-terrestrial.

"The mexican dynasty origins of are obscure, and this obscurity has become denser by the aztec historians efforts to provide nobility titles to their governing lineage. They tried to demonstrate that their recent dynasty, composed in the final analysis of "conceited" (Par-venus) people, descended from the great legendary Toltec monarchy". (Jacques Soustelle. 1955)

Another aspect worthy of consideration, in the misrepresentation of the "mexica history", was when in the mid-18th century creoles retake "ancient history of Mexico" and make it theirs. In fact, Clavijero[6] incorporates the Anahuac history to the new "ancient history of mexican creoles". Where the mexicas become aztecs and shall gain supreme importance. The spanish creole turned the Aztecs, into the greeks or the romans of the new world they were forming. Many of the supposed aztec deeds were born in the origin myths invented by the creoles of the 18th century.