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Toltec Spirituality, as an energy frequency


When in the eighties Dr. Ruben Bonifaz Nuno recommended to me, that in order to learn the truth about our ancestors, I should completely forget all I learned about them in school, especially the so called historical sources of the XVI century, because these had been written by ignorant murderers and thieves, as well as by fanatical religious. He asserted that neither, had the ethics, scientific nor cultural capacity, to attempt understanding a reality that was far beyond their limited obscurantist knowledge of the world, that they came from a thousand years of a fierce epistemic destruction orchestrated by the Vatican and the Catholic Church, called "middle ages".

Very little, of what was written by these people could resist an honest humanist analysis. Almost all, in general, are false and libelous, arguments to create the perception that the invaded, were savages, primitive, cannibals, warriors and thus justify the invasion, the Holocaust and the epistemic destruction, and present this crime against humanity before "their history", as a heroic civilization deed of the West.

Dr. Ruben told me, "start with what you feel and see in the legacy of our ancestors, and go from there to the most essential." More than thirty years passed before I could understand the depth of his words.


What I "feel" of my ancestors legacy is an intense "spirituality". It is a feeling, an indescribable sensation when I am in an anahuaca community or in an impressive Tollan. What I see and irrefutably testify are precisely the monumental Tollan material vestige, from the most impressive as are Teotihuacan, Monte Alban or Chichen Itza, to the smaller Tollanes as Yagul or Dzibilchaltun. The massive stone also make me vibrate producing well-being feelings, balance and profound peace.

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