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Toltecáyotl beyond occidental reasoning


Toltecáyotl beyond occidental reasoning
Since 1519, we have been "discovered, studied and explained by others". We learned their language and forgot ours, learned their history and ended up amnesic, learned their knowledge and forgot ours, learned their religion and became fanatical of something we have not fully come to understand and of which we are excluded, physically and spiritually. We learned to create knowledge with their methods and forgot ours. We live in a world that is alien to us.
In short, we made ours, their vision and description of the world and of life. We ended up empty, without root and sustenance. We became an echo that is lost in time, in shadows that run scared in a huge desolate plain of darkness. We lost the ancestral "own face and true heart".

We were prisoners for three hundred years in the dungeon of Spanish colonization and for the past two hundred in the dungeon of creole neo-colonialism. Trapped, handcuffed and gagged in "the solitude labyrinth". Incapable, impotent, permanently vanquished, underdeveloped, peripheral, subordinates.