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We are entering a new century and many mexicans disagree with what is happening in the country. The values and principles that have always held to the society are washing off. The neo-liberal economic model and the docility to the above financial institutions have limited the ability of the State. Injustice and poverty advance furiously on broad sectors of society. Public and social institutions are fracturing alarmingly. The destruction and pollution of the natural heritage is reaching unsustainable levels. The political system has entered into decomposition. The drugs-politics and organized crime are gaining many power spaces in national life. Mexican society becomes increasingly violent and going crazy.

Mexicans believed that the change of the political party in power was the solution to all evils of the nation. In little time it was found that the corrupt system changed colors, but that corruption not only remains, but it has increased its tentacles. It seems that each the future is darker and uncertain.


How is it that we got here?

Cultural Colonialism.


From the 16th century, Europeans invaded America, Africa, Asia and Australia. With eastern technology but with european warrior ideology, trade and the cult of technology. The Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, among others, sailed the seas to "discover", conquer, exploit and extract natural resources for the development of the merchants who lived in Europe. To do this they argued a supposed racial, religious and cultural superiority that allowed them to take from men and the lands be invaded all they wished. Hegel[1] asserted that "America belongs to the future, and therefore lacks history. The universal history begins in Asia, but only in Europe acquires spiritual plenitude". Hegel denies the millenary history of America, but also awards the future to europeans. The concept of european culture "universality" has been one of the colonizers subjection arguments. Indeed, the european peoples have developed a syncretism from Judeo-Christian culture, the Greco-Roman culture and Germanic culture. The iron domination and exploitation will to which all peoples of the world and their natural resources have been subjected to, has sunken humanity in one of the most severe crises of planetary history. Aristotle pillar of western thought points out in his work, the Policy that:


"war... is, in a sense, a natural means of acquiring, as it comprises the hunting of wild animals and those men who were born to obey, refuse to submit, is a war that nature itself has made legitimate. Aristotle also stated that "the defeated are subject to the victors" this he called "legal right" and asserted that "the defeated must be moved to servile labor, and this is fair according to nature". (Aristotle)


The conquerors in Mexico imposed the colonial system, which involves the inhumane exploitation of the defeated and the plundering of their natural resources and the destruction of their culture, in favor of the winners. To achieve this, immediately submitted the defeated to the loss of: "language, historical memory, knowledge and technology, physical and sacred spaces and finally the loss of their religion. The last space of their existence, to leave them completely helpless and thereby prevent, that at the bottom of their hearts was born the aspiration, not to free themselves from the invader—exploiter, but to be exactly like him, to become another conqueror—exploiter.


During five centuries we were forced to forget everything that we were and is our pride; we were perfectly taught with the utmost perfection to despise our own and to exalt the foreign. We have lived these five centuries in a "labyrinth of solitude", always looking for our face, our ideas, our heart, in foreign places. For three centuries it was a spanish model, the model was later french during the 19th century and in the 20th century, the model is northamerican. To keep the inhumane exploitation of our peoples and the irrational plundering of our natural resources "for centuries and centuries" in favor of our colonizers, it is necessary that the people lose their Cultural identity and historical memory.


To not recognize oneself, self-denial, and despising one-self. When these five cultural elements are amputated from people, they remain silent, amnesiac, ignorant, helpless and insensitive and cultural colonialism is achieved, the essential foundation of economic colonialism. The colonized people will not desire to eject and break free from their colonizer. Instead, will want to become another colonizer of his own people.


The spaniards instead, suffered an arab invasion during eight hundred years, but their culture was never destroyed. On the contrary, during this period, Spain lived an enriching cultural diversity. Arabs, jews and spanish lived in harmony and carried out over the centuries, a great cultural exchange. The spaniards remained spanish through their culture and, when they managed to expel the arabs eight centuries later, they remained spanish and do not see on the arabs "the Muslim motherland", although many of the customs, traditions, words, cuisine and art, is intimately linked with the muslim culture. The arabs did not removed the spanish language, historical memory, knowledge and technologies, spaces and their religion, thus they only invaded, but did not colonize. To maintain a permanent system of wealth extraction from the people, it is required to destroy their culture and their historical memory. The element so that people don't think about ending exploitation and becoming themselves exploiters in favor of their colonizer, is colonizing the people culturally. Achieve that the colonized people ignore and despise their culture. The education given in Mexico, at home, at school and in society, is a colonized education. It does not seek that our children and young people are educated to free their people, but on the contrary, are educated to subjugate, dispose of and exploit the weakest. To succeed in a colonized society involves becoming a ruthless exploiter of their own brothers.


The sons of the sons of the ancient grandparents.


The descendants of the ancient Mexicans are all of us. We are the children of the sons of the old grandparents. It is however true that we have a western heritage, but we have to analyze that, on the one hand we have a "Mother Culture", the indigenous or anahuaca; it gave us a way of feeling and interacting with human beings, nature, the universe and the divine and sacred. Also gave us food, family ethical and moral values. That we are not "conscious" of it does not mean it does not exist. We have been educated for five centuries to not see, value, and despise the best of ourselves.


On the other hand we have a "Father Culture”, that gave us the language, religion and a material existence sense and a supposed "belonging" to western culture. However, Europe and United States have always devalued and marginalized us. We are the product of a mixture of cultures. We cannot deny and must promote it. We have parts of one and the other, we are mestizos. However, must take into account that the Anahuac civilization is alive, present and existing, in every one of us and that it represents the "only own ours". That is the stronger and more solid part of our culture, although it is now very difficult to recognize, flourish it and make it conscious. Hence we cannot reach plenitude by denying a half of our Being, whichever of two parts, either the western or the anahuaca.