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EZLN and Toltecáyotl.


In 1987, Guillermo Bonfil drew the academic world attention by claiming that there was a "deep Mexico" and that evolved from a denied civilization. Up to that time, officially there were no longer "Indians in Mexico", there were only "Mexicans marginalized from development" and in the process of becoming "integrated" into the economy and society.

By the end of the 1980s, did not exist the minimum perception of the existence of a large number of "compatriots" identified with the original civilization. In fact, it was thought that the ancestral past had brutally ended on August 13, 1521, with the fall of Tenochtitlan and that "modern Mexicans", had nothing to do with those old and dark roots.

January first 1994, insurgent Maya anahuacas, whether Tzotzil, Tojolabal, Chol, Tzeltal, Mames, Zoque, gave to the creole "Mexico", an energetic enough! in a forceful way expressed; we are here and we have not “disappeared” in spite of five hundred years of extermination, exploitation and dispossession, in the first few minutes when the country was entering the "first world".

Five centuries -as all the anahuacas peoples of the country, living in the grisliest and cynical exclusion and injustice, placing a stubborn fight of resistance, to remain faithful to their ancient culture and the pride of being descendants of ancient lineages of wisdom. And this is precisely the point of this reflection.

Very few people have been able to perceive what exists at the base and the volume of the iceberg represented by the EZLN and its historic struggle. The analysis remains at the visible tip of the iceberg, but below is the presence of an ancient wisdom, experience in human development of one of the six oldest civilizations in the world.

Maya peoples are part of a civilization known as Cem Anahuac, having different peoples and cultures in time and space, but which, despite its diversity and long period of time (8 thousand years), all peoples are intimately linked by a "philosophical-cultural matrix" called Toltecáyotl in nahuatl language.

The philosophical thinking that guided and gave direction and sense to thousands of years of human endogenous development, which enabled the construction and layout of Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenque, Toniná and hundreds of knowledge centers, that allowed discovering the mathematical zero, inventing corn and the milpa, the perfect count of time, it is the same that has inspired the Zapatista movement.

Mayan insurgents have not sought inspiration in exogenous ideological doctrines to make their ideas and organize their struggle. They have not been "financed" by dark transnational interests or national politicians. The Anahuac human development pyramid is present in Zapatismo. Personal, family and community values and principles, come from thousands of years of human wisdom.

The fact that since 1521 the invader-conqueror and later the Spanish colonizer and the creole neo-colonizer have failed or did not want to see, know, and understand this wisdom; It doesn't mean that it did not exist or that it has disappeared. It has been there and it has been this wisdom which has guided the resistance struggle and its permanence during these five centuries.

Mestizos, urban and rural, require is to read people like Carlos Lenkersdorf to "Learn to listen" to the other, which embodies the essence of who we are as children of a civilization that has not died, to learn to appreciate the "real men". To begin decolonizing our dazed minds.

It is required knowing the Toltecáyotl, not only to "understand" with greater depth to the Zapatista movement, but for re-learning one of our greatest treasures, inheritance and most important cultural patrimony of our Matria. Without the Toltecáyotl when trying to "look inward", we only see "folklore" and "useless remains" (tangible and intangible) that have no reason for being in a "modern" world.

Zapatism has placed the ancient wisdom, Toltecáyotl, in the spotlight of the most lucid minds of Mexico and the world. The ability to think in another possible world, govern by obeying and everything for everyone, for us nothing.