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Four centuries had passed since the splendor of Ancient Mexico ended, when the Aztec arrived to the Valley of Mexico from the northern plains. This was the last barbarian people in search for a place to settle down. They did not speak Nahuatl. They were gatherers and hunters and fierce warriors. Their search ended when they encountered the shore of a lake. In 1325, they founded their city, Tenochtitlan. The people living around the shore of the lake, were descendants of the legendary Toltec, but the culture was already in decadence. Several centuries had gone by since the departure of the great masters and the people lived in fear that the Fifth Sun was about to end.

The Aztec quickly learned the language and got thoroughly acquainted with the knowledge of the Old Toltec Grandparents with an 180 degrees twist to the ancient culture. To be exact, Tlacaelel was the individual who modified the philosophy of Quetzalcoatl, that had been the symbol of Toltec wisdom, and gave him instead a warrior status by imposing their own god, Huitzilopchtli. In this manner, the Aztec named themselves People of the Sun and through human sacrifices they believed they were able to prevent the end of the Fifth Sun. The new ideology and cult of their deity, Huitzilopochtli, came to be. The Aztec grew and their power was felt and feared by many cultures that were subjugated and forced to pay tribute to the conquerors. They were feared for the frequent human sacrifices of captives, in constant demand, for their wars referred as flowery wars, which they claimed to be in remembrance of the spiritual flowery wars observed by the former Toltec.


Their impressive culture did not survived for too long. Victims of their own mistakes, for they confused the arrival of Hernan Cortez, In 1519, with the return of Quetzalcoatl and with the peoples they have dominated and terrorized that joined forces with the Spanish, these two powerful combinations contributed to the downfall of the Aztec Empire in less than three years.