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The millions of people living in what today is known as "Mexico", in general, have a very vague and poor or often non-existent notion of its origins and evolution as people, cultures and civilization.



This phenomenon is extremely serious and damaging in forming what is the Cultural Identity, National Identity and the conscience of a Nation. It is the main element that allows injustice, alienation and exploitation. This lack of awareness has been purposely produced as part of the colonization, first by spaniards (1521-1821) and subsequently by creoles (1821-2011).


Keeping a person, a family or people ignorant of themselves, is keeping them in absolute helplessness, insecurity and constant fear, is self-cancellation and disdain of what they are, against what they have been imposed to be. Not knowing who they are, their origins, history, heritage, name, values and principles, condemns them in perpetuity to live in an amnesiac state, being "ignorant foreigners in their own land", permanently exalting the foreign and rabidly disdaining their own. Connoisseurs of Europe and ignorant of the Anahuac.



An ignorant that self-despises and disdains. Insecure and violent, loudmouth and full of complexes, irritable and nervous, weak and ruthless, the Mexican "ideologically creole" is an incomplete human being. For the last five centuries lacks "the other part". The denied, unknown, despised. He lives as a bastard in the culture of his "father" (West), as a "son of the bitch" despising the mother culture (Anahuac).



Are all Mexicans like this?, of course not. There are many different "Méxicos" and many stereotypes of "Mexicans". But generalizing to get closer to this mystery we shall say that there is a "deep Mexico" of anahuaca lineage (discussed by Bonfil Batalla), who has no doubts of their identity. And an "imaginary Mexico" of European lineage, which also has no doubts about their identity. But there is a "third Mexico", which is in between "blue and good night", those of "Yes, but no". I am referring to the vast mass of de-cultured mestizos. Those which are not urban or rural. Those who have not come to appropriate an alien culture and have lost their own. Mexicans clumsily walking, stumbling and falling in "the labyrinth of desolation".



Those from the "imaginary Mexico" and have power, money, media and the dominant culture, do not have identity problems, because their "Grandpa was Spanish" and feel culturally cemented by the "motherland" (Europe). For them, Mexico began in 1821 with the independence; the colony, the conquest and the "pre-hispanic" era (seven thousand eight hundred years since the invention of agriculture until 1821), are inconsequential background of "their country" (of less than 200 years). For them, Mexico is the product of the "meeting of two cultures" and thanks to the arrival of their European "ancestors", the "tribes" headed by the "mighty Mexica Empire", ceased to make human sacrifices, wars and idolatry worship. They accept miscegenation, but unconsciously their "mix is much more European".



The Mexicans in the "profound Mexico", the so-called "Indians or natives", in many cases do not feel "Mexicans". They identify themselves as Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Purépecha, etc. They have "customs", which by the way, every day are more difficult to follow because of poverty, migration and the intense de-culturization imposed on them by the dominant classes through multimedia. Are currently being besieged by global corporations and corrupt and treacherous Government authorities of the three levels, who want them stripped of their natural resources and the most effective means is the destruction of their ancestral cultures that are community based and sustained by participatory democracy, i.e., "the Assembly" and their organization system is known as "uses and customs" e.g., that the authority "governs by obeying" the people.



Thirdly we have the immense mass of de-culturized mestizos. The children of the "channel of the bars and stars", the "modern", submissive consumer of junk products, the legions of unemployed and underemployed, the neocolonial system cannon fodder. Those who are fleeing from the mother culture and can never -even- reach the status, "third class gringo". Those who use whitening creams and hair dyes to appear "white and blonde" and have English names on their children. The functional illiterate, "graduate" without degree, credit consumers, commercial sport fans, fans of celebrity stars, the jingoistic. As "the Polanco ladies" shouted, from the depths of their racism and contempt colonial… shitty employees!



This country wrongly called Mexico, because we all are not Mexicas. It is a country that ignores being one of the six oldest civilizations of the planet. This country that for three centuries wanted to be more Spanish than Spain, and later more french than France and now more gringo than the United States. This country ignores the civilizing achievements of its ancestors and despises the cultural root of its deepest identity. This country that since 1521, power, institutions, authorities and laws do not belong to the people and are in the hands of privateers, arriving to illegally seize Government to steal, exploit and plunder the people and their natural resources. From Cortes to Calderon. This country has never been ours.



This country, with its people and natural resources, is permanently offered to the highest bidder. This country of despised and mistreated people throughout five centuries. This country of ferocious colonized-settlers. Ruthless with the brother and submissive to foreigners.



This country has to find itself. This country should seek the steamy mirror of Tezcatlipoca to recognize its true face and true heart. This country has to fight an internal war to remove the "Hernán Cortés", that has filtered in the depths of every "Mexican" heart, , and that with "a little bit of power" sprouts violently and resentful against the weaker or helpless brother to avenge the offenses suffered for five centuries of pain and injustice.



The Florid Battle of the cultural inheritors of the sons of the sons of old Toltec grandparents, must be fought against the ignorance of ourselves. We must recover our memory and thereby our genuine face and our true heart. We must overcome the amnesia in which we have been subjected. We need to know, -urgently-, who we really were, to know who we are. What was it that we were actually able of doing, to know what we must do. What are our true cultural heritage and legacy, to preserve it and develop it. We must recover our past in order to have a future of "our own".



All must fight at the bottom of our heart to free ourselves from ignorance. The Anahuac Maya, Anahuac Zapotec, the Anahuac Mixtec, Anahuac Nahua and all anahuacas of the native peoples, along with all mestizo anahuacas and the euro-anahuacas. All those who love life and respect nature. All the people who want to create a more just and humane society. All those who want to end a colonial society of winners and losers. All those who are willing to work, fight and sacrifice to create a better future for new generations. All those who love this land and its millenary civilization.