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Is it true that we live on this earth?
Not on this earth forever, but only for a bit.
Even if is made of jade, it will shatter.
Even gold would break.
Quetzal feathers will tear.

We are not here on earth forever, but only for a bit.
This energy, brighter than light is called spirit or soul and it is present in humans. This essence or energy is immortal. It was the first source of energy born out of the experience of our evolution on the different planes of existence in the spiritual world.. It is so old and remote from our own mind that it is no longer comprehensible.

THE MYSTERY OF LIFEDo you, heart of my heart, think you will live alone on this earth?
You fear, my heart, because I was born on this earth!?
I cry and I am sad. After all, I am a singer.
If only at times, I could take some flower,
And with them I could adorn the place of those without bodies.(*)
Life circumstance in this world are no more than ?a field of flowery battle?, so called by our own ancestors that were wise and knew the origin of the spiritual energy that we all possess within the core of our being.
There is an eruption of precious stones.
There is a surge of quetzal plumes,
Are these perhaps, your heart, giver of life??
Eagles, and tigers,
like us, one by one will perish,
There will be no one left.(*)
The spirit needs of matter to trascend and at the same time, matter finds in the spirit the energy that transform the heart and the reason for being. The spiritual energy permit the purification that otherwise was obtain in the fire and the anvil. The fire feeds the happiness, the hopes and the anvil forges the adversities in life.
What was I vaguely looked for?
Was I looking for your heart?
A heart that you give to everything,
Without aim you go as you destroy your heart.
While you are on this earth, can you go after your desire?(*)
The mystery of life is then revelead in a simply and transparent way. Life is the opportunity we hae to purify our souls. It is not important what we do, but what it is important is to strive and arrive at this important level. Our conscience determines the authentic intensity of our acts and the quality of the experience.

At the end of our lives, when there is nothing more to do, all material things are left behind. Nothing material passes to the other side. Our corpses will deteriorate and will leave, eventually, nothing behind, but our spirit or soul will live forever.

We are no more.
Are we nothing?
You have destroyed us.
You have made us disappear from here.. (*)

The opportunity we had at our disposition has ended. Many have wasted life in a series of indulges in lust, greed, avarice and other sins. Their spirit was dragged through the lowest level and because their own stupidity and blindness, they reached a sad end. Others have accumulated knowledge and experience in the flowery battle and are are closer to their final destination. Now, the hearts that was beat in live are no more. We all leave this empty life. Mundane pleasure and vice have been purified to enter the other realm: Heaven.

The beautiful flowers and songs
are muddled by our mundane desire.
Our own doing spoil them.
Here on earth, our stay is brief.
Is this the same in other places?
Is there happiness and friendship?
Or is it here, only on this earth
where we came to know our own faces? (*)
We, human beings are not limited by our spiritual energy. We are luminous spiritual beings living and working on a mundane plane. We are here temporarily, but our origin is old. We are on a journey to return to eternity.
This life, is brief, our bodies are not eternal. This world is the hearth where we are tested and molded to produce a spiritual being. It is wonderful, but at the same time, we are weak and fear the end that will take us back where we came from. Back to our place of origin.
March in the direction of the eastern light.
In that direction aim your darts.
Yellow Eagle and Yellow Tiger,
Yellos snake, yellow hare and yellow deer.
You will then march to the region of death?.(*)