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The children of the children of the Old Grandfathers, have been subjected, since 1521, to the systematic extermination of language, historical memory, religionlo, old knowledge and their own space. The conqueror wrote Mexico?s history according to their words and for their own gain and personal fame. The vast majority of ?great? historians writing about ancient Mexico, are foreigners that either lived for short periods in the country to gather information and observe the locals or research others to gather information to base later on, their own knowledge in the topic. The might research the works of anthropologists and archaeologists to give depth to their new writings, but, like Hernan Cortez and other Spanish chroniclers, the essence of the real ancien world will remain untouched.

THE MYTH OF ARIDOAMERICAThe Cartas de Relacion, or correspondence between Cortez and the King of Spain, deal with judicial arguments whether disregard for the law and authority of the Governor of Cuba took place; a totally partial fact of the of the historical event. This text, however, is considered today to be of ?great historical value?as a tool to understand the motive and process of the Spanish conquest and an inappropriate source to understand th history of the Old Grandfathers. Ever since that fatal year of 1521, the history of Mexico has been written by the hands of the conquerors themselves and then by other foreigners, but never in the hands of the people, whose ancient records, language and hearts, were destroyed by the invaders. Our millenary wisdom, an outcast in the new society was substituted with alien culture, religion and laws. The foreigners ?studied? and ?considered? our ancient history, so one day could divide our civilization in two sections. The first was called Mesoamerica and embraced the area from state of Zacatecas all the way down to Nicaragua. This region was acclaimed the place where ? good ancient Indians? developed sophisticated cultures, centers of wisdom, built fantastic ball courts, lived in magnificent palaces and erected many pyramids. The second region was named Aridamerica, in these parts, ?bad Indians that were savages, bellicose and blood thirsty lived. The former left evidence of advanced craftsmanship in the form of beautiful decorated ceramics and other artifacts, that today are in the possession of European museums and other in the world. The peoples of Aridamerica, however, left nothing, but records of bloody sacrifices and persecution and killings of other ethnic groups. These records reported and written by the conquerors themselves, for our own millenary historical and religious records were destroyed by the invaders.
It is curious to note, that European culture measures, by their own standard, other cultures in the world. And yet, we know that Europeans have taken hold of everything on this planet that produces revenue. In the last five hundred years of human history, they have dominated other civilizations, claiming natural resources for their own profit and in poor countries, exploit the people to process and manufacture goods to be exported and sold at great price. To them, culture must be based on its three origins: Greco-Latin, Germanic and Judeo-Christian to be considered ?advanced and modern?. These three cultures sustain what is called ?Occidental Culture? engages in wars that are explained as necessary to uphold democracy, are ruled by uncaring and despotic governments, practice a religion centered on material possession, worship money as their god, and put their trust in military power. Yes, these are the same European that once declared our civilization to be bellicose, primitive and pagan. This European culture, admire the splendor of the grecas that adorn some of our ancient edifices. These grecas that are the essence of the philosophy of the Anahuac. These ancient motif design that are named petrography in their language, were the expression and creation of the people of Ancient Mexico. Miguel Leon Portilla, an Mexican investigator, has called this ancient knowledge TOLTECAYOTL, This knowledge and its practice is still observed by Indian peoples in the northern part of our nation. It is no coincidence then, that Carlos Castaneda made the discovery of the century in the field of anthropology, in Sonora and Baja California. Castaneda was put in contact with an old and experienced shaman, a Yaqui Indian that instructed him in the ancient knowledge of the Mexican people, that has been transmitted from generation to generation. The nagual or sorcerer, revealed his ancient philosophy that caused the waters to part and touched people. It is ironic that these northern Indians are respected in the world and their philosophy recognized and added to others, but these same Indians remain in anonymity and unrecognized in their own country.
The Indians living in the northern part of ancient Mexico, were as wise and advanced as their counterpart in the south. They are different pueblos, but only geographically, for their wisdom and societies rose in the desert. Their teachings and philosophies are solid and have managed to survive to the present day. This knowledge is an important millenary inheritance to the inhabitants in the north. Geography does not erase the genetic origin. These people know the wisdom and teachings of the Old Granfathers. This is enough for us in the south, to call these peoples our brothers. The name of Aridamerica as called by men of culture, is a myth that rose from among many other myths in the Spanish Conquest and Colonial times. Aridamerica is a contradiction. It means that nothing grows and is impossible to sustain in the desert and yet, we have seen that it is not so, for the people are great contributors recognized by the whole world.