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Most of the people that inhabit this vast territory called Mexico, we been deceived for the last two centuries. Used and exploited by a handful of abusers who have successively reached these lands and inhumanely exploited the indigenous peoples and have ruthlessly depredated their natural resources.


To make this possible, the colonizers-exploiters fundamentally have removed the "historic memory" from the invaded. That is, they have maintained them in an amnesiac state. They don't know who they are, where they come from and much less where they are going. A huge mass of ignorant people, de-culturized and without memory. Trying to be…what the colonizer imposes at his convenience. Three hundred years trying to be spaniards and they even named this land "The New Spain", then for one hundred years trying unsuccessfully to be French and in the last century, trying uselessly to be Americans. Permanently despising the own and frantically exalting the foreign.

This enormous de-culturized mestizo people, that stubbornly refuses to be indigenous and rabidly despises their Mother Culture. Pretends to be "european-mestizo" or at least "modern-gringo". It shifts from the indigenous and never becomes Spanish, French or American. That ignorant, vulgar, fatuous citizen. He who builds existential paradigms in television, trademarks, "modernity", consumption. He who is basically insecure, violent, suspicious, ruthless, fearful, greedy and predatory. He who will never be urban, or follow a line of people, he who passes on the right and goes through stop signs, who double row parks and does not yield to pedestrians. The litters everywhere and always seek to take advantage of others…he who despises Indians and peasants and admires foreigners. He who always thinks is above others. He who knows nothing of the ancient history of the mother civilization that gives life and essence. He who unfortunately is the vast majority of this country. This citizen is a perfect creation of the colonizer-exploiter, such they want us, such they need us, such we make them rich.


Only by having that kind of people, exploiting colonialists can continue making great fortunes and live in the most cynical injustice. As almost all the large fortunes of this country, are in the hands of "CREOLES", i.e., children of foreigners having moved to this country. The wealth of Carlos Slim, his henchmen and his countrymen is directly proportional to the ignorance of the people they exploit. A little less than 10% of Mexicans? (creoles) own 40% of the national wealth. That is, this country belongs to a few and the rest are …as cattle or chickens on farm. Nothing more.


This "country" was born due to a struggle between creoles and peninsulars for the right exploit the invaded. Our profound heritage of seven and a half millennia has been brutally sliced off. A colonial system imposed during three centuries and the creoles betrayed their relatives and lured onto them the immense mass of poor and justice thirsty natives. That was the "Independence" War. All changed to remain the same.


The creoles invented "their country", which they unduly named Mexico, because in the historical millenarian memory, it is known that these lands are THE ANAHUAC. Mexico comes from Mexicas, so that Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya and a long etcetera are not Mexica and hence properly, not Mexican!


During the 19th century the creoles were divided into two sides: Masons York-liberal-federalist-republican (PRI) and faced the Scottish-conservatives-freemasons-centralists-monarchists (PAN), in fratricide war for power, in which we were twice invaded and more than half of the territory taken away. Neither the peninsular nor the creoles have given a real opportunity to the original peoples and the mother culture in these 500 years of colonization and neo-colonization.


The colony and the country...always been theirs and for them. How did they achieve it? By removing the historical memory of the defeated-invaded. Making them first believe that they were Spanish subjects and then "Mexican". That he descended from Spanish or French, which he has nothing to do with the indigenous civilization which is presumed dead. That being a part of the mother civilization is a negative thing and low class, i.e. being: naco,   Yopi, Indian, ignorant, vulgar, poor, all are different but it is the same.


Rejecting their culture, origins, traditions, history, phenotype, skin color, refusing self-acceptance and trying to become a colonizer of his people (this is taught to be "success"). In a predatory world, in a country where everybody is against everybody, where law is not respected, in which corruption is the oil that drives the system, in which the most scoundrel is the smartest, in which there is no justice, equity, or mercy…in such a country, is where Carlos Slim can become the richest man in the world. The Colonial system is precisely that, disorder, corruption, vulgarity, ignorance, in the peoples; because think about it, kind reader, "in a scrambled river, neo colonial creoles gain!"


The children of the sons of old grandparents have been fooled for five hundred years. They have made us lose our historic memory, our pride of being heirs of one of the six oldest civilizations on the planet. They have made us believe that we were "New Spain" and that today we are "Mexican", but since the INVASION we lost ownership and leadership of our NATION. They have made us forget (momentarily) that we are children of the ANAHUAC, holders of millenary wisdom of how to live in harmony with our fellow human beings and nature. They have made us lose our knowledge of the world and life. They have taken the sacred and mystical sense of existence. They have made us insecure, fragile, violent, ignorant, and dependent. This explains why Fox ordered removing studies of Mexico ancient history from junior high.


This country called Mexico does NOT belong to us, at least to the vast majority. There is a 10% of creoles who have power and money, another 10% have only 1% of the wealth and of course, are indigenous peoples. And there is a huge mass of 80 per cent of de-culturized mestizos, sons of the channel of the stars and bars. Ready to dye their hair blonde, to spread bleaching cream, baptize their children with foreign names, to be "mooderrn" consumers, to eat junk food and walk in the "malls", to live on credit and meet the existential longing of going to Disneyland.


Millions of "Mexicans" live between the soap operas, football, news, "reality shows" and celebrities gossip, the Ramones philosophy, Brozo, Cristina and the “gordo y la flaca”. Believing in the farces of slick democratic elections, hoping to take the best personal advantage from corrupt politics.


People vulgar, futile, superfluous, who only lives thinking of making money to buy and watch more television. People insensitive and oblivious, mindless, easily manageable, impressionable and exploitable.


The wealth of a few is based precisely on all this. In the loss of historical memory, in ignorance of ourselves, in the rejection and contempt that we have learned to have of the "ours-own".


The invader-colonizer-exploiter can allow anything, except THAT WERE COVER THE HISTORICAL MEMORY and we learn who we are, where we come from and where we want to go, as individuals and as a people. Because at that instant their power and wealth ends. This is the reason why Mexicans are "DEFENSELESS UNCULTURED FOREIGNERS IN OUR OWN LAND". Connoisseurs of Europe and knowing what color was the white horse of Napoleon, the Roman Coliseum and the Greek Parthenon, but totally ignorant when we go to Teotihuacan, Monte Alban or Chichen Itza.


This is the reason why we do not understand what is wrong "in our country". We believe that those who have power and money are our brothers and are solidarily concerned over us, "the people-their people". That share a common improvement project, in which we are linked by the same aspirations, desires and projects.  But that IS NOT TRUE, those who have power and money since 1521, only seek to exploit and plunder, and return to their true land to enjoy their winnings, as Slim that lives in Lebanon.


The great deception is that "Mexico" does not belong to us, instead, the Anahuac is our future, the own-ours. We only have to wake up recovering the ancient historical memory. Open our eyes and glance at the bottom of our hearts.


Year of 2007.