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Ancient Mexicans were part of a single civilization, no matter how many different cultures existed in time and space in the Anahuac. This implies, essentially, that they shared the same philosophical cultural matrix.

This set of ideas which explains life and death and their relationship with nature, the universe, as well as the sacred and divine sense of existence, in essence, is not very different from the other five mother civilizations on the planet. Indeed, when a human being or a people have reached a higher development stage, when they have satisfied the basic needs of material subsistence, necessarily seek to give meaning to his life and transcend its existence in the spiritual, sacred and divine realm. Because becoming conscious of a real and significant world lies in intimate relation with the discovery of the sacred.

Although agriculture was invented in Cem ?náhuac towards the sixth millennium BCE, the mother culture appears refined and with its own personality, between the States of Veracruz and Tabasco around 1500 BC. The Olmecs left us testimonies of the bases of what would become the Anahuac civilization. In the period known as formative or Preclassical, the ancient grandparents developed and perfected: food, health, education and social organization systems, that became the structural foundation from where of where the splendor or classical period developed, comprising 200 BC to 850 AD.

ANÁHUAC HIEROPHANIES The Toltec took the Cem ?náhuac philosophical civilization project initiated by the Olmec to the Zenith. Testimony of this "philosophical-cultural-sacred-divine? continuity can be seen in the iconography, presents to us by the fundamental designs and symbols left carved, painted or embroidered: such as the quincunx, the feathered serpent, the jaguar, eagle and the divine duality from the pair of complementary opposites, that "humanize" the world and can be clearly seen through two facing profiles of two snakes or two quetzals. And of course the constructive system of truncated pyramids, ball games, square courtyards flanked by four rooms, stelae, three dimensional sculptures and a long etcetera, which remained virtually intact and with minor variations until the very spaniards arrival.

Few people observe these similarities that were maintained for at least three millennia, not only in the Cem ?náhuac, but are surprisingly shared, by all indigenous peoples from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego; but that the Eurocentric and colonizing views have never accepted that in these lands existed prior to the invasion, people with a civilization much more advanced than the European of that time. And what is also important to point out that, is that all peoples shared the same "philosophical-cultural-divine-sacred" matrix. The colonizers have always studied peoples and cultures invaded by their differences, not by their similarities. Which are many and very amazing.

But the point of this reflection, is the need to understand the structure of the Anahuac?s philosophical-religious thought, so that from its essence and root, we can understand and visualize the trunk and the foliage of the civilization project, which is eminently of sacred and divine nature. This challenge is essential to understand our mother civilization root and forever end the very poor colonizing vision. The hermeneutic of the ancient Mexico is before us as the next urgent task to undertake.

Our earliest ancestors, after having managed to satisfy subsistence? basic needs, focused all their ability, talent and sensitivity to transcend the limited material living spaces and penetrate to the unfathomable fields of the Human spirit, the universe and reach the primordial source, i.e., detach from the profane world and enter the universe of the sacred and the divine. Having consciousness of life and of the world sacredness, free human beings of their animal-profane state, where their material needs is everything there is on the perimeter of their elemental existence. Consciousness of a sacred world and the human life sacredness allowed the ancient grandparents to create their marvelous cultural universe. The sacred awareness gives an ontological foundation to the existence of the Anahuac civilization. The Anahuac begins to be a world as its sacredness is revealed and the human being ceases to be an animal with basic material needs, when it becomes aware of the spiritual potential, sacredness and mission in life and the universe.

The Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Chinese and the Indians did it, and of course our old grandparents also achieved it.

This knowledge is the most important legacy we have inherited from thousands of years of evolution and human development. This knowledge, the ancient grandparents called TOLTECÁYOTL and it is understood as the Toltec legacy. Our inability to understand the most precious of our historical and cultural legacy, becomes partly because we currently live in a materialistic culture, deconsecrated and pragmatic; and of course, by the mental, spiritual and cultural colonialism in which we have lived for the past five centuries.

The basis of this set of ideas is that the Earth is a living being, with conscience and live cosmic cycles. That the human being and Earth are in an intimate interdependent relationship. That, in the pursuit of human perfection, Earth suffers cataclysms and begins again, with the accumulated experience of the previous cycle. In this way, the historical sense is cyclical and not linear. This concept is explained in the myth of the creation of the Fifth Sun. Time ceases to be ordinary and becomes sacred, as the human being becomes aware of his responsibility and mission in maintaining an energy balance and the spiritual purity that he must achieve.

There is a supreme source of creative energy, invisible, impalpable, un-namable, that self-invented. This creative principle shall have many different names and partial representations of its greatness. These multiple sacred manifestations, Europeans have translated as "gods", but they are not. As in reality are only partial representations of the sacred whole.

Hence, we have "partial expressions" of the immeasurable. They are not gods in the Western sense, but fragmented manifestations the same wholeness. So the Sun, Venus, the Moon, the milky way, water, wind, fire, duality, the feathered serpent, jaguar, snake, among others, are only metaphorical symbols of the divinity that comes into contact with humans and the profane world.

There are seven cardinal points of human existence. The navel or unifying center of the universe. The four directions of existence directed to the four cardinal points. Each of them has a philosophical, religious and esoteric meaning. The sky which has thirteen levels towards the zenith and the underworld that has nine levels into the depths.

Man performs his material existence among the first five points. He begins to gain "importance" to the extent he gains awareness of his spiritual potential. History and culture are born in that moment. If he manages to balance the opposing complementing pair that come from the North-South and East-West relationships in the "unifying center", will achieve lift and transcendence. But if he develops more any of the complementing opposites, the imbalance will drag him into the abyss of human stupidity. Thus, searching for "balance" is one of the key elements for understanding this philosophy and its intimate relation with the quincunx, Macuilxóchitl, or the cross of Quetzalcoatl, revelations of a sacred, religious and philosophical interpretation of the Anahuac.

Man was created by the sacrifice of "the gods". Hence is named "macehual", which means "deserving of the sacrifice of the gods" and consequently his life becomes a permanent spiritual sacrifice. The human being finds a meaning to his life, beyond having food, clothing, and ceiling. The material profane world is only a means to penetrate the sacred spiritual world. It is precisely the becoming aware of sanctity and divinity that makes us human. Here is the basis of our civilization. The two great existential objectives the human being has; to help the gods sustain the universe and to transcend his material existence in the spiritual realm. Without this mission, the human life is meaningless.

Of the first, we will say that, unlike the Western culture, where God has created human beings in his image and likeness and gives the Earth to all beings living in it for their domination, exploitation and transformation. On the contrary, the ancient Mexicans assume Earth as their "beloved mother" and rank themselves as her small children. They are obligated to not only ensure preserving it and maintaining the original balance, but also to "humanize her" from the spiritual energy that the human being can produce through a virtuous life.

This aspect is very important. The humanization of the world implies giving a sacred and divine sense to "all around us". It is only the human being, who can do this miracle from his spiritual potential. This is one of the most important purposes of the Anahuac civilization. A mission that surpasses by far any single individual, a people and many generations. The concept of a historical and collective responsibility, remained alive even in the decadent postclassical period, although transgressed by the ideological-religious reforms of the Mexica Cihuacóatl named Tlacaélel. And it fully explains how it was possible to carry out construction projects over more than a millennium, such as Monte Alban, which began its construction in the year 500 BC and was abandoned one thousand three hundred and fifty years later in 850 AD.

The second civilization objective is the individual search for the existential significance from a polished and very difficult work that involves the self-domain and self-awareness from very sophisticated hermetic teachings. That basically takes the world and humans as energy loads and energy producers.

This second objective the Toltec symbolically called "florid war". The brave people that undertook it were called "warriors" and according to their energy load they could be Eagles or Tigers. Their weapons were "flower and song", understood as beauty and wisdom. The Supreme goal of the flowered death warriors was to "make their heart bloom" and give themselves as spiritual food to their people.

It is important to note that old grandparents kept a very solid and stratified social cohesion. That existed "the wing and the tail" of society composed of macehuales (commoners). People who lived their lives ordinarily. Peasants, artisans, public servants and what we could identify as specialists in medicine, construction, art, religion, etc. Guided by solid foundation of social, religious and moral that were provided a reduced elite of people dedicated completely to the study, research and systematization of the spiritual?energetic potential of the human being. These elite lived in the surroundings of what we know today as "archaeological sites", which were never cities, palaces or fortresses, as the colonized and ignorant minds presuppose in the "official history".

What the colonizers have been unwilling to accept, is that old grandparents owned a polished and deep human wisdom. As important as those produced by the Egypt, China or India civilizations. That their civilizing project was beyond "domination and exploitation" of the material world. That the potential of their wisdom was focused on achieving the highest aspiration of human consciousness. We refer to transcending to the sacred and divine plane of existence from spiritual development.

Colonizers from the 16th century until today, do not accept that the native peoples and their children's children possess a human condition and of course, much less recognize the degree of material development achieved by the Anahuac civilization. Even in the 16th century and in the very decadent Postclassic period peoples of the Cem ?náhuac had much higher quality and standard of living than peoples of Europe. This is a huge truth that "researchers" have not wanted to see and that the scientist colonizer speech of the culture inferiority of those invaded and conquered is completely debunked. Let's see why:

Nourishment of the old grandparents had higher nutritional quality and variety. They had the "chinampa" involving the highest human technology up to our days, to make land intensively produce throughout the year. They invented corn, through biogenetic transformation made on grass called Teozintle. The health system reached excellence levels. Trepanation, as well as the wisdom of what we now call herbal and the use of "power plants" reached all. The concept of personal, housing and urban hygiene, was more advanced then than in our days. The education system found in 1519, was much superior than the European. Popular education had 3 millennia and European only started in 1596. Our ancient grandparents lived in a schooled civilization that lasted thousands of years before the invasion. The system of social organization and legal regime was so effective and efficient, that has survived to the present day in the system of charges of the indigenous and peasant communities of contemporary Mexico.

The Anahuac "material" world by far superior than the European. The concept of urbanism found by the invaders in the great Tenochtitlan in the 16th century, was only reached by European cities well into the 19th century. Drinking water, the reticular street system, roads, avenues, channels, bridges, community free use of transport, schools, hospitals, markets, libraries, museums, zoos, sports facilities, cultural centers, administrative offices and a long etcetera.

But the "material world" is only a mirage for polished consciences. When an individual or a people have reached a level of existential development, they seek to pass the solid walls of the limited material world and penetrate to the immense and wonderful spiritual world, of the sacred and the divines of existence. The material world is only the basis required for the "spiritual world" to take off and transcend. The important part of the heritage of our old grandparents is precisely the wisdom accumulated over seven thousand five hundred years to transcend our existence in the spiritual realm and which our colonists have not been able to see, from maliciousness and much less understand due to their inability.

Cultural wealth, our greatest Cultural heritage, is not in the "material ruins" of the so-called archaeological zones, nor in the "treasures" which are stored in museums around the world. The great cultural achievement of our mother civilization is deposited in the heart of each one of the sons of the sons of the old grandparents. The treasure is given in "flowers and songs" living in our "Spiritual being". In the feelings and thoughts that like flowers and songs can help us transcend this precarious and chaotic material world in which we now live.

It is in this way that the TOLTECÁYOTL reveals itself to us as the most important cultural potential that we have inherited from our ancestors. The systematized wisdom about the spiritual potential which is hiding in the everyday world, in the so-called popular culture, the values and principles of family education. This ancient wisdom lives inconspicuously in traditions, fiestas, uses and customs, is what continues giving us "a true heart and an own face" and that can lead us to the freedom from the dark, grotesque and dehumanized material world in which we have fallen these last five centuries.

So far the researchers have made only archaeology and history of the material and profane world of ancient Mexico. It is time for the children of the sons of the old grandparents do archaeology of the spirit and begin the reconstruction of the sacred history of the Anahuac.

It is necessary to investigate, re-order information and create new knowledge from approaching the manifestations of the sacred and the divine that our old grandparents left us, not only in material remains, but also in symbols, myths, rites, traditions, legends, festivals, uses and customs. Both the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage. We have to understand that we are a single civilization that continues to maintain its permanent and necessary continuity over eight millennia.

The loss of historical memory by the processes of colonization is only superficial and very temporary. The sacred essence of our civilization, its values and principles are still alive and in force in each of the individuals, families and peoples that make it up. The colonizers have tried to make us think that there is no connection between the old grandparents and contemporary Mexicans. That the indigenous past is totally and hopelessly lost and extinct. But we are undoubtedly still the same civilization, except that now potentially more enriched by five centuries of appropriations and cultural exchanges with other peoples of the world.

Our cultural potential will remain latent until the moment we take full consciousness of our spiritual wealth, from recuperating the historical memory.

The most valuable legacy that we have from the old grandparents, is unquestionably spirituality and mysticism with which we interpret the world and life. This sacred and divine vision is treasured in the TOLTECÁYOTL and represent the Anahuac Hierophany.