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Every millenary people have their myths and prophecies. For the Cem Anahuac the most important possibly are: the creation and destruction of the five Suns. The principle of the pair of complementing opposites and its unchangeable balance. The spirit of "Quetzal-coatl" understood as the balancing challenge of the spirit (Quetzal) and its counterpart (coatl) matter, and his prophesied return to Anahuac.

The anahuacas, wrongly called "Mexican", are the children of one of the six oldest civilizations and with independent and endogenous origin of the world and the one which attained the highest degree of human development for all his people in the history of mankind.

In a fully integrated universe, as a civilization we have lived a dark night five centuries long, in which "the Lords of money", the merchants, not only seized the Cem ?náhuac, but almost the entire world. In the case of our civilization, they not only came to invade, steal, murder, but what is more serious, have tried to make us disappear as a civilization and as human beings.

Destroyed our institutions, our laws and our authorities. We have tried to remove from us the human condition and they attempted to erase the impressive civilization achievements, especially in the spiritual field and quality of life, unique in the history of mankind.

They have tried to distort history and tried to take away our tongues to leave us mute and silent. Erase our historical memory, our memories, to leave us amnesic, as "uneducated foreigners in our own land", sinking into the worst ignorance, that of ourselves, thinking that our present, and our reality has nothing to do with our millenary past, and much less with our future.

Also, have tried to delete our ancient knowledge, to leave us ignorant and stupid, incapable of creating and recreating the world in which we live, always waiting for the foreign colonizer to resolve our problems.

They have tried to take ownership of our spaces, not only the physical, but the social, symbolic, community, sacred. To leave us without belonging, without roots nor livelihood, floating in nothingness, outside our own land and immediate reality.

And finally they have tried to remove our spirituality, which represents the greatest legacy and treasure of our ancient civilization. They have imposed, with -blood and fire-, a religion, even foreign to the very invader-colonizer, and makes us idolatrous and fanatical, unresponsive and unconscious. Easily manipulated and meekly submitted.

And in the last two hundred years, as neo-colonization byproduct, the creoles have excluded us from the design and construction of "their country", in which our phenotype, our cultures, our aspirations are radically excluded and violently imposed those of Europe and the United States, as a tardy copy, badly done and far away from the reality of the majority of the people.

The "invaded-defeated" descendants have only been used as recruit soldiers for their permanent wars and fratricidal confrontations, as slave labor, as alienated consumers and voters that legalize their permanent electoral sham of their banana operetta democracy.

Indeed, in these last five centuries of invasion-occupation the children of the sons of the old grandparents, descendants of the original inhabitants of these ancient lands have been condemned to material poverty and spiritual misery, whether anahuacas or mestizos, rural or urban.

During the first three centuries (1521-1821) an immeasurable amount of wealth came out of our dear mother bleeding entrails through slave work. Hundreds of thousands tons of gold, silver and grana cochinilla prompted the start of European capitalism. The "Creoles Mexico" in these 192 years have used us, but has not allowed us to make decisions in the design of "their country".

In the last two centuries (1821-2013), unimaginable amounts of natural resources and raw materials have gone to European countries and the United States factories, and via the same road we have received millions of tons of junk products. In these two centuries they have in essence fatally depredated and polluted our beloved Earth and our people spiritually.

At the beginning of the 21st century, according to ECLAC, for every ten million "Mexicans" there is a super-millionaire, which of course happens to be foreigner recently arrived and living in the Anahuac. I.e., in neo-colonialism there are 11 "encomenderos", each with ten million "natural slaves of their ignorance" and another ten million "expelled" to the United States.

However, the principles and fundamental values of the civilization of the Anahuac, known as Toltecáyotl remain alive and existing, except that only in the unconscious of the sons of the sons of the Toltec ancient grandparents.

Indeed, the ancient wisdom is still alive, the problem is that it is in the subconscious and only in extreme situations it flourishes in the conscious, as for example in the 1985 earthquakes of Mexico City, where solidarity, organization and brotherhood could make the miracle of rescuing victims.

Creole neo-colonialism and economic globalization force us violently or subliminally to leave the "own" to take on the "foreign" as a way of life. Cease being the people we proudly were for thousands of years and becoming marginalized, underemployed, submissive consumers and unconscious voters’ citizens, to build dependency and destroy resistance.

But reality tells us that the world of abusive colonizers is crumbling, falling to pieces. The modern State collapses by its own excesses. Financial capitalism is the snake that is devouring itself. The world economic model is a resounding failure materially and spiritually. There is no future through that path that ends in a precipice.

However, the only thing that still stands, firm like a tree trunk and solid as stone is the millenary wisdom, of the Anahuac Toltecáyotl. The values, principles and knowledge, experience, human life more than eight thousand years is latent in the heart of the mestizo and still alive in the anahuaca.

We cannot unconsciously continue another five hundred years, on our knees and turning our back to our greatest cultural heritage. The legacy of the ancient Toltec grandparents who gave humanity more than thousand years of the highest human development on the planet.

No other civilization gave to all its people the food quality, health levels, compulsory education and managed organization capacity, as the peoples and cultures of the Cem Anahuac did, from 200 BC to 850 AD.

We urgently require to awaken and activate the Cultural information genetic bank, deposited in each of the now wrongly called "Mexicans". It is required to develop a critical and analytical approach to investigate re-know, re-new, re-value our ancient mother culture, to be reborn from our deepest cultural bowels.

To re-found a new patria with the ancestral root of the MATRIA. The Anahuac must resurface, one where colonization comes to an end, as well as the "victors and the vanquished", where the best of ourselves is not excluded, nor the cultural appropriations we have from around the world. A Patria without abuse and abusers, based on justice.

Assuming ourselves as a mestizo culture, - as every other in the world- but very clearly having our philosophical-cultural matrix, which is the Toltecáyotl, from awakening our historical memory and activating our Cultural information gene bank.

The challenge in principle is individual and once consciousness awakens, community work runs its own cause. We require "waking up in order to dream" and then imagine the world we need to rebuild. A world with foundations based on the Toltecáyotl ancient values and principles. The difficult is not doing it, but imagining it.

The road is from the inside outwards and from the bottom up. The road is deep in our flowered hearts. It wakes up in an instant and an dreams an eternity. It is urgently needed to do "archaeology of the spirit" at the bottom of our hearts.

The prophesied "return of Quetzalcoatl" is not more than that. The balance of the "quetzal with the coatl", spirit with matter. Quetzalcoatl does not come from outside, arrives from the deepest and true of ourselves.

The Quetzalcoatl is to embody in our daily lives the oldest and most valuable knowledge of the existence significance. It involves the development of our spiritual potential as individuals, family and people.

The Quetzalcoatl holds a double meaning. It is "emerging", because comes out of the deepest and most valuable of ourselves, and its “emergence” is due to the fact that we have no more time to continue being slaves to our own ignorance. The future of our Matria is its millenary past.