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Religion in ancient Mexico


Religion in ancient Mexico occupied a central and prominent place of life for all Anahuac[1] inhabitants. In part by ancestral mysticism and spirituality; and partly because the social system was totally immersed in the moral and ethical religious values of Cem Anahuac. All activities: family life, government, agriculture, health, education, art, sport, etc. was intricately linked to religious aspects. As any ancestral religion, our sought the transcendence of the spiritual "self" beyond death. Eternal life from consciousness.



            “Where will I go?

            Where will I go?

            The path of the Dual God.

            is your house at the place of the gaunt?

            Perhaps inside heavens?,

            or only here on earth is the place of the gaunt?


            Is it that indeed life prevails on earth?

            not forever on earth: just a little.

            even if it is jade, it breaks,

            if its gold it breaks,

            even if it is quetzal feathers, they tear off,

            not forever on earth: just a little”.

            (Mexican folk songs)



To understand ancient Mexico it is highly recommended to know the ways of life and values of people called "indigenous" that until today jealously keep millenarian values and spiritual principles that engendered them since agriculture invention, eight thousand years ago and in essence they seek to get close together human beings with the sacred and divine, with transcendent and immeasurable values.

[1] Cem ?náhuac is the name of the Mexica civilization known territories before the spaniards invasion.