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The toltec knowledge development



The knowledge developed by these six root civilizations, from approximately 10 thousand years ago, has been the foundation of all human knowledge. The man in the Moon and computers are only its continuity and its results. The ancient ancestors, without anyone´s help and only from methodical and systematic observation of nature and of the skies, managed to "weave" an immeasurable knowledge network, that through the centuries and from generation to generation, formed the cultural heritage of our civilization.

"Astronomy was well known among Mesoamerican peoples, specially the Toltecs. The Toltecs were wise, all their works were good, all were honest, all well planned, all wonderful... Knew its influence, knew well how the sky works, how it spins... The observation of natural phenomena which invariably repeated, among which were above all the numbers 4, 7 and 13. "Thus, from their combination of a lot of cycles were obtained." (Maria Elena Romero Murguía. 1988)


Our ancestors had two aspects of knowledge, one was male, the other female. One was accurate, cold and distant: celestial mechanics. The other was kind, generous and capricious: nature. From firmament observation, nature and the essence of the human being, our ancestors built all their knowledge.