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The majority of the inhabitants, "of the Creole country", are children of the children of one of the oldest civilizations and with autonomous origin of the planet. Culturally we are as old as China or India. However, the difference with these countries, where their peoples present is fully linked to ancestral past, us live outside and disconnected to the history and culture of our illustrious ancestors. Building, year after year, an uncertain present, which we immediately destroy and forget. Our conviction is to forget, to live in ignorance of ourselves, inhabiting an endless "solitude labyrinth".

Due to the colonization processes, which we have suffered for the last five centuries, at the hands of the colonizers of yesterday (the gachupines or peninsular spaniards) and the neo-colonizers of today (Creoles), in which they have tried to erase or disappear our languages, historical memory, knowledge, territoriality, and spirituality; We have lost consciousness, - in the everyday world- of the ancient wisdom that our ancestors created over seven and a half millennia, which is manifested in the indigenous peoples and peasants in traditions, fiestas, uses and customs, and subconsciously, in the mestizos "modern life" living in urban centers.