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When the earth had again light and movement, the gods convened once more. They said: "Who will live on earth? The heavens already exist and the earth was made new again. Who will populate the earth?" The gods ask themselves the same question again and again for they worried.

It was then decided that the god of the Sacred Breath, Quetzalcóatl, be in charge to go to the region of the death and ask Mictlatecutli, the Lord of Death, for the bones of human beings that lived in the Fourth Sun. With these bones, the new generation of human beings will come into existence in the Fifth Sun.


Quetzalcóatl descended to the dominion of the Lord of Death, accompanied by his nahual – his double - called Xólotl. Mictlantecutli proposed two conditions: that they sound the conch shell and performed four complete turns around his holy circle. Qutzalcóatl summoned the help of his friends: worms and bees. The first made holes in the conch shell and the latter entered through the holes. Once inside, the bees flapped their wings so vigorously that sound came out of the holes. When Mictlantecutli saw this portent he ordered his vassals to capture Quetzalcóatl, who, with the help of his double, took the bones. Though he suffered minor injuries he was able to reach Tomanchán, the mystical place of origin where the goddess Quilaztli, ground the bones on a metate – grounding stone. Then, Quetzalcóatl mixed his sacred blood with the powder obtained from the bones and offered the mixture as a sacrifice to the gods, for the birth of new human beings to populate the earth.


That was the way we were born. A product of the sacrifice offered to our ancient gods. Since that time we continue to live in the Fifth Sun. This heritage left by our ancestors must be kept in constant balance with the material and the spiritual; between the absolute certainty of reasoning and the insurmountable faith in the mystery of the divine.


Our mission is to populate the world and to maintain the existence of the Fifth Sun. We must do this through spiritual sacrifices and live a virtuous and harmonious life, in the same manner our Old Grandparents did, for seven thousand and five hundred years in a time so long ago nobody can recall. When once long ago, in Teotihuacan – Place of Gods - our ancient gods created the existence of the Fifth Sun, an era in which live today.