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The symbol that perhaps can be understood by all, is the primordial aspiration of the Old Grandparents of ancient Mexico that can be found in the Flowery Battle. As we have said before, our ancestors knew that humanity was under the constant estate of evolution and perfection. They understood that humanity existed thanks to the spiritual sacrifices of the gods and in return, the people were expected to live a virtuous life and make other sacrifices in order to continue with the population of the earth and at the same time, to maintain a perfect balance in nature, the cosmos and humanity.


A formidable and difficult task that the Old Grandparents called "Battle of the Flowery Battle," demanded that if an individual wished to dedicate his or her entire life to embark in constant battle against spiritual weakness, were called warriors. This battle, a spiritual warfare took place in the individual’s heart. The weapons used in battle were called Flower and Song and these weapons were understood as wisdom and beauty. The purpose of these battles was to attain the Flowery of the heart and rid the individual of flaws and other weaknesses. An accomplished warrior was distinguished by the sacrifices performed, frugality, sobriety and austerity. These accomplishments were highly regarded in their society. When a male warrior died, it was believed they were sent to keep guard to the sun from dawn to noon. If the warrior was a woman, they guarded the sun from noon to dusk. The ideal of the society in general, was to encourage in life, these people to built and develop the society’s status. In death, they were expected to sustain the Fifth Sun’s course, with their spiritual existence.