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Mexicans are a millenary people that have developed during 7,500 years and belong to one of the oldest cultures in the world, but for the last 500 years their culture is a mixture of races influenced firstly the Spanish, then by the French and lastly by the United States. In the last decade, however, the communication and free trade have subjected us to cultural influences from around the world. This phenomenon is neither good nor bad, but a reality that can bring to humanity positive and negative aspects.


To educate our children in the sea of turbulence of the XXI century, we must prepare them as able seafarers in the raging sea and provide them with an anchor and a compass: the compass as a symbol of knowledge and the anchor as cultural identity. In fact, societies base their development in information, education and knowledge. We must prepare our youth in an efficient manner to face each day, using the values and principles inherited from our ancient civilization; our Mother culture that is the essence of spirituality in humanity and prevent erase this legacy from our minds and hearts in respect to our Old Grandparents, our indigenous roots.


We must not continue to ignore and devaluate what is our only and true legacy. We cannot deny anymore we are the children, the descendants of the Old Grandparents of the Civilization of the Anahuac, our mother culture. This is present in our consciousness, around our material and spiritual worlds and fills the empty spaces in our daily lives. For 500 years, Mexican society has tried to deny our indigenous roots philosophically, ethnologically and spiritually. Mexican are dual in ethnicity; one is Indigenous and the other one is European. We must affirm despite our duality that the syncretism created in our cultural identity does not rob us of our true face and own heart. Our children should be brought up as deserving heirs to Netzahualcoyotl and Cervantes; proud of mixed cultures, of their ancestors, proud of the old Grandparents, our indigenous root.