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The profound Mexico.


The profound Mexico.
A Mexican intellectual, Guillermo Bonfil Batalla, points that symbolically there are two Mexico?s. One profound, rooted in an ancient civilization, which has given an own face and a real heart to our people, in a definitive and indelible way.

And that there is another Mexico, that Bonfil calls imaginary. Bonfil notes that this statement, is not because it does not exist, but because its project is imaginary, as it is inspired on distant lands, with different cultures, all alien and foreign to ours.

"The recent history of Mexico, of the last 500 years, is a permanent confrontation history between those who seek to harness the country in the project of the western civilization and those who resist rooted in Mesoamerican lineage forms of life." [Guillermo Bonfil Batalla. 1987].

The profound Mexico.Another element of the imaginary Mexico is that while it tries to rescue, christianize, civilize, modernize, industrialize and globalize the profound Mexico since 1521; has never taken it in consideration. The imaginary Mexico has systematically denied the Anahuaca civilization from the conquest to the present day, but paradoxically has always tried to rescue it. The Profound Mexico and imaginary have been in permanent struggle for more than five hundred years, sometimes violently and explosively, other times quietly, resisting silently but vigorously. This grueling fight also occurs in the hearts and minds of all Mexicans, most of the times unconsciously, plunging us into the dark swamps of our solitude labyrinth.
"The peoples of the profound Mexico create and continually recreate their culture, adjust it to the changing pressures, reinforce their own and private environment, make cultural elements of others their own for their benefit, cyclically reiterate the collective acts which are a way of expressing and renew their own identity; keep quiet or rebel, according to a strategy tuned by centuries of resistance." (Guillermo Bonfil Batalla. 1987)

It is necessary to recognize the denied part of our being and assume us as first class Mexicans and not, as third world gringos or as second class spaniards. Appropriating all technologies and all the world modern ideas, but using them for our own project and civilizing development. It is not a matter of living in a "museum", nor in the past; on the contrary, the challenge is to remain traditional and faithful to our identity, but at the same time, spearhead modernity and progress, as does Japan or England. Build the future with the foundations of the past. There is no future possibility, without the full awareness of the past.

The de-indianized indians.[2]
Without the prodigious mother language, only with limited "dialects". Without historical memory, only with confusing dubious myths and legends. Without the millennial knowledge, in the midst of ignorance, only with the perverse witchcraft and sordid backwardness. Without physical, social and sacred, spaces; only criminal deserts, desolated mountains or pauper belts of misery. Without an artistic language, only with negligible crafts. Without the ancient religion, in the midst of a confused religious syncretism managed by the dominator. Without an "own face and a true heart", only as "uneducated foreigners in their own land". Despising the own and exalting the foreign. Without the glorious memory of our ancestors, wanting to be "a colonized colonizer", just a western hybrid of the third world, a third class gringo. Insecure, violent and fearful.

"The presence of the indian culture is, in some aspects, so daily and omnipresent, that rarely its deep meaning is considered and in the long historical process which made its presence possible in social sectors that today assume a non-indian identity." "...traditional peasants no longer recognize themselves as indians, although they live a predominantly indian culture; alternate urban groups are not culturally homogenous: some maintain as cultural reference their original communities, indian or peasant; others, have formed a urban popular culture of indian characteristics..."
"Because what we here call advanced, modern and urban, is not the spearhead of an own internal development, but the result of the western civilization introduction from the top; and what we call backward, traditional and rural, is not the starting point of that effort, but the indian result of mesoamerican civilization." (Guillermo Bonfil Batalla. 1987)

Mexicans despite everything, of our ignorance and orphanhood of ourselves, are the sons of the sons of the old grandparents, who patiently wait the time of luminous consciousness and the potential re-encounter. We are a mestizo people; we must strive to be worthy heirs of Miguel de Cervantes and at the same time of Netzahualcoyotl. We need to know the two parts that make us up. We cannot and we must not, belittle any one of the civilizations that make us up.

Mexicans are: indigenous inside (in the spiritual, mystical and ontological) with western features outside; but we will never be western inside, with indigenous features on the outside. That everyone wants to hide.